Refund Policy

Don’t waste your money with our 100% money-back guarantee

What do we have in our Refund Policy?

Royal Dissertation Help will accept revision requests based on each task, as every customer has different reasons for requesting a refund. Please note that if you request a full refund, we may need a valid proof that the order is of poor quality (for example, a copy of the teacher’s comment or a plagiarism report, etc.). If you consider it important to request a refund, we will immediately process your request and send your work to the Quality Assurance Department. After comparing the results and the causes of dissatisfaction, our editors will make the necessary corrections. In accordance with our refund policy, all return requests must be made during the return period.

If you request for 100 percent refund due to errors or discrepancies with the original instructions, our Quality Assurance Department will have the right to check the quality of the paper. After reviewing your dissertation refund request, they will return an amount proportional to the ratio of the incorrect text written in the document. If you prefer to ask for a free revision, our British dissertation editors will be there to help you rewriting inaccurate words and sentences.

We offer different communication systems (e-mail, live chat, telephone, etc.) to ensure communication between our customers and the writers responsible for carrying out the order. Our customer support service is always ready to provide service in any of these ways and will respond to refunds or other queries as soon as possible. However, if such a request is not received during one of the reimbursement periods, the company is not obliged to satisfy or take into account the above requirements.

For documents less than 20 pages, we offer a return period of 14 days and for documents over 20 pages, a return period of 30 days. The return date is valid after the expiration of the order. If you are not satisfied with our service, you can send us a refund request under the following conditions specified in the money-back guarantee period. After the expiration of the return period, we will not refund the money.

Royal Dissertation Help will provide a 100% money-back guarantee in the following cases:

  1. Your order was not assigned to the specific writer you wanted. You can cancel your order or get a full refund at any time before giving it to the writer.
  2. If you paid for the order twice by mistake, we will refund your second order.
  3. If the work does not comply with the original instructions provided by the customer (it must be checked by a Quality Assurance Specialist).
  4. As stated in the plagiarism report, the percentage of plagiarism is higher than 10%-15%, you will get a full refund.
  5. Our money-back guarantee is also applicable on the orders that have been marked as poor work or not accepted by your instructor.
  6. For all the orders placed for urgent delivery within 7 days, you will never get a full refund. A partial refund can be made that will be calculated by the support team.