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What do we have in our Terms & Conditions?

The general terms for dissertation writing service and essay services apply to all transactions with Royal Dissertation Help Service. After placing the order, the customer (hereinafter referred to as the customer) confirms the terms of service and is valid for the entire delivery period of the work.

Terms of Use

Our company is an online writing service providing company where you can find qualified and experienced writers and editors who can provide high-quality dissertations, articles, thesis, assignments, and other written services. Being a huge platform, we guarantee that our writers offer the best service for our customers. On our website, customers can find professional and competent writers with the necessary skills to work, under a friendly budget, meeting deadlines, and fulfilling other requirements, such as original content and timely delivery.

Customers can place orders based on order processing for specific tasks that the writer will perform. When the writer accepts these conditions for dissertation writing he/she will be responsible for completing the work and ensuring quality within the agreed time.

When placing an order with us, please enter a valid email address, phone number so we can contact you easily. Sometimes our writers will have to ask you for more information to follow your instructions exactly, so you get a high-quality document without error. You can also contact your writer at any time for additional instructions (except for paid alterations, such as increasing the number of word count). Remember, providing an incorrect email address is considered a violation of the terms of the agreement.

The professional writers in the areas indicated in the assignment contact the client. Customers can use the messaging system to chat with the writer or ask them for anything at any time. The writer is responsible for obtaining detailed information about the work. After accepting the order, the customer will pay the amount agreed on our website. We use a messaging system as the communication method between the writer and the client. Check your messages regularly and use this interactive feature to solve problems, issues or other timely instructions. No customer has the right to disclose his/her personal information to the writer without using our website and ask him to work directly for him. 

Customers can place orders based on order processing for specific tasks that the writer will perform. All the conditions that are promised to customers for order delivery must be acknowledged in written form by the support team of Royal Dissertation Help to claim the delivery, revision or any service. For all the urgent orders, the customers will need to pay in full before the delivery whereas there are exceptions for standard orders.

For those who want to place an order for express delivery (7 days urgent deadline), they can get the delivery on the weekends. That is one of the features that no other online dissertation help service is offering in the UK. Our support team is there to help you with your order delivery on the weekends. You can also place an order on a Friday night to get it delivered on Sunday night with an urgent dissertation service. The presence of our British dissertation editors is subject to availability, so make sure to ask our representatives before placing your order.

Timely Delivery

With regard to the delivery of work on time, the declaration of mutual acceptance prevails. If the delivery date is an important part of the order that was accepted by the writer, the client must inform the writer in advance. To complete work before delivery time, the customer must provide all the details based on the specified amount (for example, the original text and all the necessary basic information) and adhere to the agreed payment terms. If these conditions are not met on time, the delivery time will be accordingly increased.

If the delivery time is not met, the customer has full rights to terminate the contract only if the delivery date has been clearly agreed and the writer fails to comply with the agreed conditions. Unless otherwise agreed, delivery must be consistent with the delivery method in order to receive a confirmation message from Royal Dissertation Help. Risks associated with delivery (transfer) are the responsibility of the client.

If the client believes that the document does not meet the specifications provided, he/she may request a revision. Our goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction.